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a sporadic rook, 23. In stunning black and white and muted color.

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rifles:Meredith Monk: ‘Quarry’, 1977

rifles:Meredith Monk: ‘Quarry’, 1977

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Question: Why are atheists so hated in the USA? Really, I don’t understand. I live in Rome, we have the vatican over here, and nobody cares if you are an atheist. My family is Christian, when I decided for myself I don’t believe in God, I just said it, the answer was “ok”, and nobody paid…


It had been watching her for nearly three months now and she was doing her best to ignore it. “It’s not real,” she told herself over and over again. “It’s not real, it’s not real, it’s not real.” But no matter how many times she said it, how many times she thought it, the thing never went away.

It had started in the bathroom, as she was getting ready to take the kids to school: She’d just stepped out of the shower and was beginning to towel off when saw it, peering at her through the window. She didn’t scream. Her brain couldn’t even process it as possibly being real. It was so unexpected, so unbelievable, she could do nothing but look away from it as quickly as possible. Reality seemed to melt around her as she turned and faced the mirror, stricken.

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Carlo Bernardini, PERMEABLE SPACES, 2002

Carlo Bernardini, PERMEABLE SPACES, 2002

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